About Us

Alive At Night’s legacy

Representing the harder styles of dance music, Alive At Night is an entertaining and pervasive media platform that offers readers the opportunity to delve deeper into the movement and its affairs. With the sole purpose to collect pieces of the industry and join them together, creating a fully-fledged picture, Alive At Night serves as a podium to connect artists, organisations and professionals with their fans.

Established in December, 2014 by Australian-born wordsmith Cassi Catsaros, her aim was to create an engaging outlet based on humour, passion and quality writing, all wrapped together with a critical edge. Ditching the traditional approach to news items, Alive At Night stands for a deeper dive into Hard Dance music, focussing on deeply exploring issues, trends and exciting developments in the industry. Depicting stories in a readable and enjoyable manner, Alive At Night isn’t simply another ‘blog,’ they thrive on encapsulating the scene in a daring and artistic manner through the medium of the written word.

Becoming immensely popular amongst open-minded folk who enjoy uncovering a deeper meaning of music, figurehead (boss bitch) Cassi represents the brand in a ‘hip,’ yet intellectual way. Upholding the legacy of #drunkjournalism, you’ll find Cassi enjoying festivals with a glass of white wine in her hand!

After running a solo show for over one year, in 2016 a handful of like-minded individuals were recruited as AAN now boasts a very small, yet devoted team of professional writers who encourage individuality through their visions. Now running successfully for almost two years, this fast-growing media platform never ceases to exceed expectations as they thrive on quality, not quantity.

What can we do for you?

+ Artist interviews & features

+ Online promotion (events, artists, releases)

+ Event reviews

+ Video content

+ Advertisments


We can do literally anything. Heck, we can event write poetry! For both on and off-site writing work, head over to our contact page and shoot us an enquiry.